14.02.23 Gelnhausen

Valentinskonzert -"Nachtmodus"

15.02.23 Ingolstadt

Neue Welt

17.02.23 Hobrechtsfelde


16.03.23 Freiberg

Klub Alte Mensa

18.03.23 Potsdam

T-Werk / Release Konzert

29.04.23 Lauenau


30.04.23 Bad Oldesloe


26.05.23 Viersen

Jazz Circle

01.06.23 Dortmund


02.06.23 Trier


23.06.23 Leipzig

Horns Erben

24.06.23 Fraureuth

Moshair Festival

25.06.23 Lochwitz


07.07.23 Ilmenau

Jazz Club

08.07.23 Klein Trebbow


22.09.23 Heidelberg


23.09.23 Dachau


03.10.23 Spiekeroog


05.10.23 Bremen


29.10.23 Meschede


17.11.23 Weimar

Mon Ami

02.02.24 Otelfingen (CH)

Mühle Otelfingen

03.02.24 Saarbrücken


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"Pulsar Trio reminds you of other progressive jazz trios like the Brits GoGo Penguin or the German Michael Wollny Trio. The band generates sensual states of floating, the intoxication of free fall and the sliding over wide spaces." (Till Lorenzen/ Deutschlandfunk)


The third single & video of Pulsar Trios upcoming album "we smell in stereo" is out. All three videos have been filmed and edited by our friend Markus Schlaffke who has done an incredibly creative, effective and ultra fast job in all three videos. If you ever need professional videography i can highly recommend Markus´ work. Visit his website to know more about this multifaceted artist and wonderful person.

Autumn is calling for an appropriate soundtrack. We do think our new single "böig" fulfills that purpose. The fantastic video was made by Markus Schlaffke and Pavel Popov:


Video for the title track of the upcoming Pulsar Trio album "We Smell in Stereo" (release on Musszo records due in January23):

Thanks to Peter Junge and Arno Jordan for the great time spent together recording and producing it at Castle Studios Schloß Röhrsdorf.
Many thanks to Markus Schlaffke and Pavel Popov for the great video production!
Thanks to Ulrich Thiele, who gave us access to this magical place - the Prinzenpalais in Wolfenbüttel - for a full weekend!
This is the first of three videos that were created there. Stay tuned!

Some of you may have already heard the rumors: a new Pulsar Trio studio album is in the works. But it will not be released until January 2023 on Musszo-records. In order to sweeten the waiting-time, we are now releasing singles and their videos at regular intervals. Our first single is the title track of the new album "We smell in Stereo" and freely translates into music the diverse interactions and close bonds within a group of hunting sharks. It will be available on all streaming portals from July 1st.
Pre-save link:
A few stills from the accompanying video can be found here (thanks Markus Schlaffke!). More on that soon! Stay tuned!

vlcsnap 2022 06 21 14h26m01s634vlcsnap 2022 06 21 14h26m13s395vlcsnap 2022 06 21 14h26m32s868


For those who missed our DLF radio concert on october 5th: it can be streamed here until november 6th. We had a blast and would like to say THANK YOU to the fantastic DLF team!




Pulsar Trio Live in Berlin CD Sleeve 2


We are growing old and this release celebrates our 500th live concert! After concerts people often want to take home a recording of what they just heard in its enirety. Since our performances usually consist of tracks from our three studio albums plus new & unreleased material it makes it hard to cater to such needs. Furthermore our tunes keep developing and what we recorded in 2012 sounds quite different on stage now. So here is for all our fans, friends and followers a full-lenght, current, energetic Pulsar Trio live concert
recorded in a professional studio setting. We hope that it captures some of the energy that live-performances can develop -in a high-fidelity sound!

All tracks except „Susan“ and „Glaciers“ have been released on studio albums before. „Susan“ is in memory of the great guitarist Susan Weinert whom we had the pleasure to share stage with last autumn in Saarbrücken. Like „Susan“ „Glaciers“ is another new track which is still in its infancy and might shine in different lights on our next studio album.



“Instrumental Music from Prussia - Volume I” 10inch EP



cover back4Format: 10”vinyl EP
Release: summer 2019
Strictly limited edition of 500 hand-numbered copies
To be sold at concerts only

“INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC FROM PRUSSIA - VOLUME I” features two new pieces of music that sound very much unlike anything Pulsar Trio sounded before: while the A-side “RIDE THE UMBRELLAS OF DOOM” reminds vaguely of raw and aggressive 60ies surf music (with the sitar sounding more like a very, very dirty electric organ) the B-side “IN BETWEEN CHRIST AND VOLTAIRE” is a feast of free improvised soundscapes on prepared piano, prepared sitar, percussion and some sonic vibrator-fun.
Scanning the QR-code at the back of the cover will lead the owner of this EP to a secret video clip of the B-side.

Get it at our next concert in your area.



ZOO OF SONGS - Album Release on the  6th April 2018 (t3Records)

PULSAR Zoo of Songs COVER 3000px 300dpi 1

Artwork by Jenni Ottilie Keppler

Making of - Clip about the new Album ZOO OF SONGS  Sandra Morgenstern

The songs of the latest album “Zoo of songs” were recorded by Arno Jordan and Peter Junge at Castle-Studios of Castle Röhrsdorf in autumn 2017. Castle Röhrsdorf, located south of Dresden at the outskirts of eastern Erzgebirge mountains, is a musical hotspot away from the big city. Here we spent 12 inspiring days full of creative inventiveness.

The song fragments of some of the new pieces emerged in the working process for dance-theatre performance “Flugmodus” (“Flightmode”) with dancer Laura Heinecke & company.

Look forward together with ourselves to the following record release concerts!

Pulsar Trio - Of Men & Mice