26.07.24 Zollbrücke

Theater am Rand

05.08.24 Leipzig

Konzerte am Bachdenkmal

07.08.24 Lychen


11.09.24 Plauen


29.09.24 Velbert


17.10.24 Bayerisch Gmain


21.11.24 Dresden


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"Pulsar Trio reminds you of other progressive jazz trios like the Brits GoGo Penguin or the German Michael Wollny Trio. The band generates sensual states of floating, the intoxication of free fall and the sliding over wide spaces." (Till Lorenzen/ Deutschlandfunk)


Hooray!!! Our new album "We Smell in Stereo" is finally out and has already received several fantastic reviews:

"Despite the unusual instrumentation and eclecticism, the sounds of the album form a coherent amalgam and the band's expression is amazingly structured. For all its communicativeness and accessibility, there are no obvious concepts in this music. The lightness of sound balances the corresponding heaviness of the compositions The softness never degenerates into sweetness. Another great album by this extraordinary trio" writes about the new album "We Smell In Stereo" by the Pulsar Trio, which has just been released by Musszo.
Ralf Dombrowski writes:
“The sitar is a musical color, but also an unusually used voice, the meaning of which goes beyond recognition. Matyas Wolter uses it as a melody carrier, but also lets it run through expansive spaces, often supported by reverberation, counteracted by rhythmically shimmering drums and oscillating, sometimes pathetically dense piano figures. "We Smell In Stereo" is one of those albums that do not wear out quickly." //Stereoplay 3/23
We are now also on the musician-friendly platform Bandcamp. Here you can purchase your album digitally, as LP or CD. Our early releases "live in berlin" and "instrumental music from prussia vol.1" are also available here: